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Reduce your Printing Costs

How a Managed Print Service can reduce your printing costs

It's estimated that the average business spends anywhere between 5% and 15% of its annual revenue, and with printing costs often overlooked, it's important to understand how managed print services can benefit your budget. 

Managed print services can reduce operating costs by 20% and 30%

How does a Managed Print Service reduce costs?

There are many factors that contribute to any print cost reductions. The first and most obvious is with your printing devices. Not only do you save on brand new machines and technology, but by streamlining your print fleet you will reduce the number of machines needed for your business. The bulk of the savings however, can be seen across the management of these devices.


A managed print service gives access to a strategic agreement that will provide your business with a stable, long term approach to print management. With this, your business will see;

Reductions in

cost per print

Reductions in

printing waste

Reductions in

energy consumption 

Reductions in

toner consumption

23% of help desk calls are printer related

These cost savings can have a huge impact on your overall IT budget but the benefits don't stop there. With improved efficiency your business will work better, print less and will need less IT support, meaning your employees can focus on more productive tasks.  

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