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FREE Print Audit

Discover how much you could save on your printing costs and efficiency with a FREE print audit.

What is a print audit?

A print audit is the first stage in our investigations into your current print environment. We get to know your print and business requirements, taking into account your current print costs and efficiencies. We will then create a detailed proposal which aims to reduce cost, increase efficiency and productivity, whilst meeting your business needs. 

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Is there a charge for a print audit?

No, no charge at all. At Fastek we offer free print audits, allowing you to meet our expert team and decide whether you feel we are the right print consultants for your business. 

Do I need a print audit?

If you require a small number of printers or photocopiers, then a print audit may not be required, however there is no strict rule. If your business is interested in saving costs, increasing efficiency, working with brand new technology or environment conscious printing, a print audit is usually the best place to start.  

What if my business is already in a contract?

If your business is already in a print contract and you're unhappy with your current supplier, we can offer an Existing Contract Analysis. If you are interested in Existing Contract Analysis, click here to discover more. 

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FREE print audit

Speak to one of our experts today

0845 460 69 80

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