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Environmentally Conscious Printing

How a Managed Print Service can improve sustainability

Practicing environmentally conscious printing is an important part of being a responsible business. We actively encourage and help our customers to reduce their impact on the environment whilst improving their sustainability. 

The average office worker consumes 1.2 trees per year

How does a Managed Print Service help us to become more environmentally conscious?

Managed Print Services can significantly reduce the amount of paper and electricity used, and the amount of toners reaching landfill. We achieve this in several ways;

Implement devices optimised for maximum power saving and reduced energy consumption

Utilising multi-functional printers will eliminate surplus printing devices, reducing energy consumption

Implementing print management software such as PrintFleet, prevents excess paper and toner usage

Training days to teach employees smarter printing techniques 

Fastek's toner recycling scheme means less stress on landfill

Smarter Printing Techniques

Rules Based


Implement printing rules to ensure smart printing practices, such as double-sided or mono-only, are upheld.

Secure Print Technology

Reduce waste from repeated output, where prints are collected by the wrong person or left at the device.



Teach your staff smart printing practices from the start with training days and communications.

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