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Print Contract Analysis

Our contract analysis service helps you clarify the best route forward from your existing MPS contract.

When choosing your Managed Print Services provider, it's important to make sure they're a good fit for your business and they've got your business's best interests at the forefront of any deal. Unfortunately we come across many business where this is not the case and have found themselves mid-contract and unhappy with their provider, paying to much, or simply not getting the service promised. Our existing contract analysis service allows us to investigate your contract and find solutions to these unfortunate circumstances, allowing you to move forward with a service and contract your happy with.

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What does contract analysis involve?

During a contract analysis you'll be introduced to an expert member of our contact team who will meet with you to discuss your current MPS situation and agreement. We will then analyse your current lease agreement, service contract and cost per click (CPC) rates, in order to decide whether the agreement is of a good standard or if you have a case towards settlement. 

Is existing contract analysis for me?

If you've found your business stuck in a contract that you're not happy with, feel you have been misled, paying too much or not happy with the service provided, then yes, contract analysis is for you. Sometimes you may not be aware that your MPS agreement is of poor standard, the issues and unnecessary high costs only coming to light once we've investigated. The list of reasons to analyse your contract is not exhaustive and we welcome any business who would want to use this service to get in touch. 

Does existing contract analysis cost?

No, there is no cost to this service. Our free contract analysis is all part of the service to you.

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Existing Contract Analysis

Speak to one of our experts today

0845 460 69 80

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