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Secure ID


How a Managed Print Service can improve security and compliance, and reduce print waste

Secure ID Printing, also known as Follow Me Printing or Pull Printing, is a technology that enables businesses of any size to ensure safe and secure printing as well as reduce print waste and costs. 

How does Secure ID Printing work?

When working in an office with multiple devices, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to choosing where to send documents. Select the wrong printer name and your document is at the wrong printer on the other side of the building. Alternatively, choose a printer that is in use for a lengthy print job and you’re waiting at the device for your work to appear. For the majority of people, the easiest and quickest solution is to reprint the job to an alternative machine. Secure ID Printing ensures that documents are only ever printed once they are approved at any given device by the authorised user, avoiding unclaimed documents stacking up throughout the office. 

This clever software also ensures secure printing for confidential documents, eliminating the need for local printers used solely for confidential printing. Until the user swipes their card, the print job remains unprinted. If a user decides to, they can cancel at any time rather than printing it.

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

Users select which jobs to print at the device, allowing for mistakes and duplicates to be cancelled rather than printed and thrown away. These small actions can soon add up, reducing paper and toner waste, as well as your overall invoice if you are charged per page.

User Control

All print jobs remain linked to a user ID giving users complete accountability for their printing. Administrators have full visibility of printing and copying by user, by cost centre or department. Management reports provide instant information and will highlight if there’s a specific department or individual within a company regularly exceeding print budgets.

Improved Reliability

Because devices are all equally accessible, the print load is more balanced and shared across the devices more evenly, protecting the value and reliability of the printing network. If a device is offline for any reason, users can simply move to another printer, without any printers needing to be added to their account.


As users need to authenticate at the device in order to release their print jobs, there’s a greatly reduced risk of sensitive or important documents being seen by others or accidentally carried away with someone else’s printing. It also eliminates the problem of lost or forgotten printed documents.

Improved Efficiency

Secure ID technology provides much more flexibility to your printing environment. Queues are reduced – if one device is busy, the user can simply move on to one that’s free, allowing users to print where and when it’s most convenient, on a just in time basis. If additional copies are needed, the job can be reprinted from the device.

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to making typical savings of between 10% and 15%, follow-me printing enables organisations to take greater account of their environmental commitments. Not only does cutting excess printing reduce costs but through lower paper, toner and electricity usage, it is also a greener option.

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