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Fastek offers new initiative in short term rentals

As a longstanding provider of long term print and photocopier rentals, Fastek Managed Print have earned themselves a solid reputation for being not only industry specialists but also providing reliable service where customer focus is at the forefront of their business.

The Managed Print Service provider is pleased to announce their new initiative to help companies that need short term rentals, or those that don't want the initial expense of a new machine. From their stock of ex-rental machines, Fastek Managed Print will loan machines free of rental or lease charges, to those businesses that find themselves unable to commit to such large monthly expenses, only needing to pay for the copies they print.

Tim Roberts, Commercial Director says:

"It's clear to us that there are businesses out there who cannot afford the expense of brand new printers, nor would it make good business sense to commit to a long term rental. With such a fantastic supply of ex-rental machines that are still fit for purpose, it makes sense to us to utilise this stock and help other businesses in the process. As a local business, we understand the need for support whilst trying to grow and reach your business goals."

Not only does this initiative help other companies, it also offers many other benefits too, including ones to the environment. With technology moving forwards at a fast pace, this avoids older machines becoming redundant, acting as a recycling scheme.

To date, Fastek Managed Print have helped numerous companies using this fantastic new initiative, with many businesses giving high praise for such customer focused initiative.

If you're business would benefit from a short term lease, contact Fastek on the details below:


t: 0845 460 69 80



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