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Education | 6 Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Printing

Imagine the costs of the paper, the cartridges, and the time used in printing so many documents. It makes common sense and business sense to make sure your printing solution is cost effective, fast and won’t let you down.

1. Audit the processes

Do your homework. Make sure you know the true cost of your printing, your cartridge spend, how many sheets of paper, who prints what and when and how.

2. It’s a colourful world

Colour plays an important part in learning. Choose the print solution that allows you the flexibility to print in colour, cost-effectively.

3. Ask for advice

If you’re reviewing your print solutions, get in touch with us here at Fastek for honest and expert advice. In addition, it's a good idea to ask a successful school, college or organisation to see what print practices work or them.

4. Manage printing

Managing access to printing is a great way to ensure people are empowered to manage their own budgets.

5. Improve the experience

Too often, paper jams and running out of ink cause major headaches and impact on staff morale and efficiency. Choose a print solution that works better for everyone.

6. Print In-House

Review what print you are outsourcing. Is this cost-effective? With the right product how much could you save by printing more in-house?

For more information on printing solutions for the education sector, contact one of our experts on 0845 460 69 80



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