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Single Function Photocopier

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We're dedicated to finding the right photocopier for your business. Our wide range of machines gives you the choice to find the perfect solution. 

Single Function Photocopiers

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If you're new to the world of photocopiers or wanting to expand with your business, choosing the right device for your environment and needs can be an overwhelming thought. The choice of photocopiers and printers in today's market is bigger than it's ever been and many photocopiers do more than just copy with many having capabilities to print, scan, copy and fax. Here we give you an overview of which types of photocopiers we provide. 

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Single function photocopiers have one main functionality, to copy, and are available in various sizes to suit your space. Ideal for small or large workgroups, desktop photocopiers can be compact with small footprints to fit on a desk or can be floor standing allowing for increased paper storage and the additional benefits of copying to A3, finishing options such as stapling and often scanning and faxing. 

Single function photocopiers are easy to use, offer high productivity and reliability, and are available as colour or mono. Our Managed Print Service is available on all of our photocopiers making maintenence and servicing more manageable.

Multi Function Photocopiers

A huge asset to any office, the multi function photocopier, or all-in-one photocopier, combines printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing into one stand alone device. With these machines you'll get easy to use interfaces, reliable paper handling, advanced security and tools to control costs.

Our range of multifunction photocopiers includes entry level models with economical costs, up to powerful machines with high duty cycles and fast print speeds.

Multi Function photocopier
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