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Managed Print Services

As an independent MPS provider, Fastek will work closely with you to manage your entire print infrastructure.

A core area of our business, Fastek have been developing bespoke Managed Print Services (MPS) for many years. Our unique approach allows us to understand your objectives and work closely with your business to develop a strategic, fully integrated solution that focuses on finding the right machines for you whilst delivering cost reductions, improved efficiency and comprehensive service management.  

Managed Print Services Explained

Managed Print Services are a tailor-made print and photocopier service that enables organisations to reduce costs, improve efficiency, productivity and information security, as well a optimise processes and workflows. Fastek's Managed Print Service ensures a seamless transition and our aim is to provide reductions in print and copy costs whilst maintaining a high level of technology and service, even in the most complex and individual environments. 

Our 4 Step Approach


& Assess


& Assess


& Design



& Maintain

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2. Develop & Design

1. Investigate & Assess

Before your contract is signed, the first step is to investigate and assess your print and photocopier requirements by conducting a print audit carried out by one of our account managers. This will be the start of Fastek becoming an integral part of your team, allowing us to work collaboratively with you to establish which machines best suit your business requirements and where cost savings can be made. 

After a print audit is carried out, the Fastek team will design a tailored strategy, eliminating any unnecessary cost whilst boosting efficiency and streamline your print workflows. As an independent print management company, we guarantee a completely impartial proposal giving you peace of mind and ensuring the best print solution for your business.

4. Optimise & Maintain

3. Implement

Installation of your new machines will be a seamless approach, minimising disruption and down-time as much as possible for your workforce. Implementation of your new print fleet doesn't stop there. Any additional software such as Papercut will be installed and full training of your new print infrastructure carried out with your teams. 

To ensure full optimisation of your print fleet, Fastek recommends and installs Papercut, giving you complete control over your print technology. In-depth reporting, full transparency and a complete overview of your print fleet equips you with the intelligence to tackle any future problems, make improvements and secure real efficiencies.

Fastek provides on-going support and maintanence within your contract. Our fully-trained service engineers will be on-site to fix faults and whilst there will carry out a health check of your machine to prevent any future breakdowns reducing overall downtime and preventing the need for future emergency call outs. 

Benefits of Print Management

Save time and improve efficiency.

Managing a print infrastructure can be time consuming and often takes employees away from their day to day responsibilities. A managed print service contract with Fastek will identify any issues with your current printer fleet and include plans to not only replace your devices with brand new, more efficient machines, but to also improve the way machines are used. Maintanence, meter readings and tasks such as managing inks and toner stock will be taken care of within your contract, leaving your staff to focus on more important areas of the business.

Reduce costs and save money.

Often companies have approached their print setup sporadically, purchasing from various brands and models. Maintaining these individual devices can be very costly and time consuming. Fastek's thorough print audit takes all of this into consideration and we identify how to consolidate your machines into fewer, strategically placed multifunction devices to better suit your business needs. This not only saves office space but will reduce maintanence costs, energy consumption and save money on consumables. Software such as PaperCut MF allows you to set rules to your devices, making users more responsible for their printing and encouraging a greener approach, often cutting print waste by 15%.

Reduce capital expenditure and improve cashflow.

Purchasing an entire print fleet can be unrealistic for most companies. It's also unecessary and is the least cost effective way of funding your new printers. Our managed print service offers flexible payment options allowing you to spread the cost and avoid the up-front costs of purchasing as well as the ad-hoc maintanence costs. A monthly invoice allows you to accurately manage your budget and removes the potential for unexpected payments.

Reduce your environmental footprint.

Choosing to use a managed print service will inevitably improve your sustainability and reduce your environmental footprint. Lowering energy consumption and toner and ink usage are just some of the benefits you'll see with a new printer fleet. And with the addition of a management software such as PaperCut within your package, you can also track and manage print usage putting you in a better position to reduce waste.

Improve information security.

The risk of data breaches have become an ever-present risk for companies of all sizes in recent years. And by May 2018, all companies will have to comply with new levels of personal security set out in the General Data Protection Regulation. This understandably can all seem overwhelming. As part of Fastek's Managed Print Service contract, we will help to mitigate those security risks. Many of the multi function printers we install come with built in security functionalities designed to protect your data as it moves around your business. Data cleansing services safely removes data from your device either during it's life if data is no longer needed, or at the end of contact once the device is removed.